Monday, October 24, 2011

6 months later

Last April about mid month, Lily went to her dentist for her normal check up. On the x-rays that day they found some surface level cavities. Since then it has been a 6 month ordeal to get those cavities taken care of. I've been dealing with appointments, consultations and rescheduling all while attempting to work around Lily's extreme anxiety when it comes to going to the dentist at all.

Today was the completion of all that hard work and frustration. She finally got the cavities filled but unfortunately after six months they turned into much more work than originally anticipated. It is so incredibly frustrating. I understand we had some unique situations but my six year old had a ROOT CANAL and cap put on a tooth that six months ago could have been easily filled. I can't completely blame the dentists or anything. Really, Lily's anxiety put the whole thing in motion which no one but her can control.

Based on some of the x-rays from today though- this is really only the beginning of the road. They found some issues with her first permanent molars coming in improperly (I can't think of the term right now) that are butting against her baby teeth and ruining them. Essentially they could "self correct" but the baby teeth are doomed to a decay we just can't prevent. It also means that braces are very likely in her future to make sure all of her teeth come in properly.

So I was hoping to today was it...but it looks more like the beginning of a long road.