Thursday, September 8, 2011

A weekend away in South Bend

Lily: Why are these called Bananagrams?
Kendra: Yeah, what is a gram anyway?
Lily: They should be called Banana Letters.

Totally makes sense to me. And yeah, what is a "gram"???


We were so very lucky to have nice weather when we went to South Bend last weekend. They even threw a parade in our honor (well, it might have been the Oyster Festival or something like that). But it was the longest parade I think I've ever seen and the girls came home with a gallon size Ziploc bag full of candy. It was crazy y'all.

Lily was the most enthusiastic of all the kids we were with- but I think that is just because I told her they wouldn't throw her any candy unless she got excited. It was sunny and warm and fun to be with family and friends and relax and have adventures and just be together.

Checking out the waterfront

Anxiously awaiting the start of the parade

Lily danced very nearly the whole time

Apparently she picked up "posing" from someone...

Good times.

I am so glad both girls get to make these happy memories of us together. Right now I just feel so thankful for all of it. Every second we get to spend with each other.