Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lily's Birthday Party

Lily's Pampering Salon and Boutique
Lily's Gramma Di told me about Lily's Pampering Salon and Boutique a couple of years ago when it was featured in the newspaper. Ever since then I thought it would be fun to take Lily there- mostly because I knew the name itself would make it special for her. At the time, though, she was too little to appreciate it.

All three got thier nails and hair done
This year, I knew with school starting so late that it would be difficult finding friends to invite that Lily just met and also getting the invitations out to them in time. So I had to come up with another plan. That is when I ran into Denae's mom. Denae went to Lily's old daycare so they had been friends since Lily was 2. We hadn't seen Denae since Lily changed daycares last February. 

*Lightbulb!* Inviting Denae and having Lily and Kendra go to the salon this year would be perfect- and we wouldn't have to worry about who to invite from her new Kindergarten class. The salon was great. It was beautifully decorated and perfect for making the girls feel pampered and special. And it wasn't just nails and a hair style. They really went out of their was to make it special- with "Cotton Candy" perfume, glitter in their hair and pink lemonade with sprinkles. At the end they got their picture taken that they then put in a frame with a cute ribbon. Then we came home for pizza, cupcakes and hanging out. We had a great day...I'm just glad it all came together in the end!
Having fun getting pampered!

How cute are they?
Anxiously awaiting Tinkerbell Cupcakes

The Salon Picture and Birthday Invitation