Monday, September 12, 2011

She made it!

The countdown is finally over...Lily started Kindergarten this morning. It feels like we've been waiting a very long time for today. I can say that the long wait hasn't been all excited anticipation. Lily has been very nervous and scared about starting school. I think Kendra may or may not have scared her with stories about homework...
Her very first assignment this morning was to draw a picture of herself and then color it. The parents got to stay and help for a few minutes. It was good to give her that time to settle in before leaving.

When it was time for us to go I could tell she was still quite unsure. But, I gave her a big hug and a word of encouragement and that was it. I just can't wait to hear all about her first day this afternoon when we go pick her up. She's such a great kid I hope she can learn to let go of her fears, relax and have some fun.

PS Does it seem like there are an unusual amount of "Blog Children" starting Kindergarten this year? I swear it seems like almost every blog I read has a child starting school. Crazy!