Sunday, July 3, 2011

More City Adventures

We took the bus downtown again Saturday afternoon. Lily has been begging to go on another bus ride and we ran out of rice so we decided it would be an adventure to ride down to Uwajimaya. We just love seeing what we can find in that store. Plus, it really did turn out to be an adventure after we weren't sure of the exact bus route/schedule we needed to take to get there. We had to wing it a bit near the end and backtracked quite a ways but I guess it just added to the adventure.

We walked past Safeco Field and Qwest Field too. Lily was excited about seeing where the Seahawks play. I think it is adorable that she loves rooting for the Seahawks so much. Of course I think she may have been a little more excited if she hadn't already walked a mile or so.

The plaza near Union Station was really interesting. It had a very organic feel to it- not something you usually find in the heart of the city. The Bamboo and naturally shaped benches made it feel like a Zen Garden.

On the bus ride home Lily fell asleep on my lap and I carried her about half of the walk home. I know I shouldn't carry her at all but it proved to me that all the exercising I've been doing must be helping because she felt much easier to carry than she has in a long time.