Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Where I'm From

I saw this Where I'm From poem on the blog Redeeming the Table. I liked it. I am passing it on (writing my own). Feel free to do the same. Click here for the template.

I am from homemade blackberry jam. From Disney’s Robin Hood, fudgecicles and Nickelodeon.

I am from a house on a cul-de-sac in the woods, squishy mud and frog ponds, the rock creek and forts made from trees and bushes.

I am from a snapdragon flower in a raised garden, a rhubarb plant growing like a weed and a dandelion gone to seed. I am from enormous piles of raked autumn leaves.

I am from the artist’s family tradition, the bring your sketchbook everywhere and never stop creating custom. Never stop creating.

I am from Norma and Tom- the Knights of Columbus. From Marilyn and Johnny- constants in a tumultuous time. From Dad- my dad- so much alike in too many ways.

I am from the Type A personality trait, of the 'tight grip on reality' gene. I'm from thinking too much and logical explanations.

From “Lord, thank you for the food that is before us now” family dinners. From Daddy’s Princess, Shirley Temple and rag tie braids.

I am from Catholicism- too rigid to comprehend divorce- yet I remember the Magic Penny Love song the most.  I am from Christianity, with its unanswered questions, left behind somewhere on the path I’ve chosen.

I’m from the Pacific Northwest with whispers of Ireland, Wales and Germany trailing behind me, from cabbage rolls and green bean casserole. Snicker doodles and Almond Roca.

From my father’s cross country journey ending here in the Evergreen State, from a hairdresser’s chair and a cold ceramic sink. From kittens born under the front porch and from playing in the water filled tub outside on a hot summer day.

I am from the photos on walls and in albums and boxes- documentation that I was there. From family camping trips, and ocean adventures captured by the camera and living in my memory. I am from the shelves of mementos, pictures, figurines and art.

I saved the seashells in sand and the beach glass. So much more.

Small treasures that recall where I’m from.

It was hard to choose what to write for each section because there are so many memories- I could probably write three or four more of these and they would all be completely different. What do you think? I'm stretching my writing muscles a little bit here...

If you pass it on (write one of your own)- send me a link- I'd love to read yours.