Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mt Rainier Camping

Martin and I camped (no kids!) this last Saturday through Monday at the White River Campground at Mt. Rainier National Park. I may or may not have been there before- but if I have I don't remember so let's pretend not. Our campsite was cute with a little stream between our car and site with a bridge. The noise of the stream made it really feel like we were alone out there (see below).

The weather was a bit iffy but the campground was practically empty and we got to do some serious relaxing. We also got to do an awesome hike that totally kicked our butts. I think the only thing getting us down after climbing nearly 2200 feet in elevation was the promise of Rum and Coke and a campfire at the bottom. Seriously. It seemed like quite an adventure for us though because the middle half of the trail was still snow covered. We had to find trail markers on trees to find our way- so crazy!
When we got to the top we were starving for lunch. As soon as we got out our sandwiches a couple Gray Jay birds came begging for food. They were so acclimated to people they actually hopped on my shoe and Martin's lap to try and get at our lunch. They were cute but I was also a little scared that if I didn't give them something they were going to call all their Gray Jay friends and peck my eyes out.

We got back to camp to relax and literally the entire "Loop C" was empty except for us. Then about 8 o'clock this family drives up and sets up in the camp spot RIGHT NEXT TO US. Out of all the sites. Luckily they went to bed right away and didn't bother us but really? There were at least 20 other sites to choose from in our loop- much less the other three loops. Whatever. We didn't let it spoil our campfire fun for the night. Who says s'mores are just for kids???

Since when we hiked up to Sunrise the mountain was completely covered in clouds, Monday we drove up and got to take a look in the sun. What awesome views! I am so lucky to live in such a beautiful and amazing place.

We've got one more camping trip planned in August but we may change our reservations. We'll have to see. This summer is just flying by but I guess time flies when you're having fun!