Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So beautiful!

My roses are blooming! They are so beautiful! I don't think Martin knew when he bought them, but the yellow with the orange edges are my very favorite colors on a rose! We have at least 10 probably more rosebuds blooming or ready to bloom. I love our little porch garden so much! How lucky am I?


For some reason Lily has been extra clingy these last few days- needing lots of love and cuddles and encouragement. Maybe it is the pre-kindergarten jitters creeping up on us...

Lily: I am going to wear you as my clothes Mommy and then we will be together all day!

Lily: I am never going to grow up and leave. I want to stay with you forever, even when I'm in college!

Lily: (squeezing me) I am never going to let you go!