Monday, May 23, 2011

No more excuses. Ever.

You are not going to believe this!

Basically this weekend our bedroom was transformed and I am pleased to announce that I finally finally have a desk where I can do my crafting!!! What?!?! Pictures soon (I'm not quite done with the organizing part).

I love pretty much anything that can be described as "paper craft". When Lily and I lived in the one bedroom- there was literally not an extra inch of space for me to claim as solely my own. No seriously. My crafts were in a closet mostly on a high shelf. I couldn't craft at night because Lily was sleeping in that room. During the day, well lets just say a small child, a cat and having to craft on the kitchen table almost never worked out.

Fast forward to the last year in our new apartment- and I still no crafting space. This has literally taken me to the brink of sanity. Sometimes I've just wanted to yell out, "Give me some freaking space!!!!" All I wanted was my own little corner that I didn't have to worry about getting all put away before the next family meal. And finally last Friday I made an executive decision and just went out and bought the table/desk-hoping to be able to come up with the space once I got it home.

So, with Martin's help rearranging, I now have nearly one entire wall in the bedroom I can call my own. I have my table, cabinet and filing drawer and believe it or not it actually makes the room look a little bigger I think- though our bed is a little more squished.

Ok. So I made this diagram in Paint because it is easier to see. But not exactly exactly to scale. Maybe I'll do that later. Hah. But, anyway, I am really excited and now I really have no more excuses, right? Right??

Bedroom Before

Bedroom After