Monday, May 16, 2011

Here's why there is no doubt Lily is my daughter: On the way to take Kendra home yesterday evening Lily was absolutely indignant at Kendra's insistence on pronouncing the word "apartment" incorrectly. Here's why Kendra no doubt belongs to Martin: I am 100% positive she was mispronouncing it just because she knew it would get under Lily's skin.

We had lots of fun Saturday when we went to the Seattle Maritime Festival. We decided to take the bus since we thought traffic and parking would be awful. It was Lily's first "city bus" ride so of course I had to take pictures : )

I was so happy that the weather held out for us- it was actually very shortly after we got home that is started to rain, but the rest of the day was sunny, beautiful and warm. Martin and I even got a little *gasp* sunburned. What??? Luckily the girls fared better and only got a tiny bit of pink on their cheeks.

We participated in the Chowder Cook-Off and sampled clam chowder at seven? places up and down the waterfront piers. At the end we voted for our favorites. It was fun trying them all and for only $5 each for Martin and I, it was actually a pretty cheap lunch. I voted for Steamers because it was creamy and also had a hint of bacon flavor (how can you go wrong with bacon?) Martin voted for Anthony's. Yummy all around!We watched the Tugboat races for a little while but the girls got bored pretty quickly. For some reason they preferred the 4 different Pirates of the Caribbean bouncy houses. Who knows why....


This is how we spent much of Sunday afternoon: