Friday, May 6, 2011

Losing the TP Battle

Both of our girls have been potty trained for several years now- probably more like half of their short lives. Most of the time I just don't even think about them going to the bathroom and trust them to do what they need to do when they need to do it.

Unfortunately this trust (read: lack of adult supervision) has resulted in an epic battle of wills in our household. My will that is.

I am not particularly picky about the type of toilet paper I buy but others, who shall remain nameless, tend more toward the "cushy" side. This particular quirk I gave into. It was a battle I didn't feel, at the time, worth fighting. So I bought the expensive stuff (on sale of course, I'm not that crazy!). However, the issue now lies in the sheer volume of toilet paper the girls have been going through.

              An entire roll in less than three days?? Even I don't pee that much.

              Dang it, that fancy toilet paper worth it's weight in gold- you're wasting it!

              Three squares is more than enough.

              How many squares do you think you need? Your butt is tiny!

              Please, for the love, stop clogging the toilet using half a roll of toilet paper!

This particular rant has been uttered by me several times in pure frustration and in a slightly definitely less than nice tone of voice. But why? Why is this battle the one I have chosen to fight? Why do I let them pretty much wear whatever, be creative, get dirty but have a serious meltdown when I see they are out of toilet paper again?????

Because above all I hate wasting. Money, time, whatever it may be. I know it is a losing battle for now but maybe one day the connection will sink in.