Monday, March 28, 2011

I went all "CSI" up in here

Judging by the blood pool and the directionality of the spatter my guess is she woke up in the middle of the night with a bloody nose, proceeded to sit up on her knees crying hysterically and screaming "Mommy!"

All that from the blood pattern. Well, no actually, I was there. Good thing I put old sheets on her bed yesterday afternoon so I could wash the good ones. Now I just need to call in the bio-hazard clean up crew.

And we're off to get an x-ray in case the bleed is from when she fell off the toilet and hit her nose on the edge of the tub the night before last... but that is a whole different story.

What I am guessing I will be hearing for the rest of my life:

"Mommy you broke my leg AND my nose!" Well, hopefully not. That is what the x-rays are for. Wish us luck- ever since the leg incident she's terrified of x-rays.


The Good News: No broken nose (YAY!)

The Bad News: The Dr said I should expect more nosebleeds as she gets over her cold. Apparently once you go down that road...well I guess you just keep on keeping on that way. If that is the case I am covering her room in plastic. I don't think I can afford another "crime scene clean up."