Thursday, March 17, 2011

As promised...

St. Patrick's Day pancakes...yum!! I thought about making Irish potato pancakes (which I LOVE!) but then decided I didn't have the energy for the prep work. So green shamrock pancakes it was!

This weekend we made some special headbands- mostly for Lily to wear on St. Patrick's day because I didn't think she had any green clothes. I bought some green plastic headbands, a bouquet of fake daisies (two green plus pink and white) and a tiny roll of flower arranging tape.
I poked some wire through the base of the flower then wrapped the wire around the headband. I used the tape to secure it in place and cover to pokey end of the wire. Voila! A cute headband that can be worn anytime.

I came up with this because Kendra still wears the headbands I made a Christmas time with the bow on it. Actually they both do and still have their claim to fame as my two favorite Christmas presents. I thought a fake flower would work well too- and it really did. I think I might try one on a ribbon though as well since sometimes the plastic bothers their heads after a little while. I made one for each of us girls- though I think I have worn mine the most so far, ha!

Too bad we won't see Kendra until tomorrow- but I know she'll love it anyway. Can't wait to show her!

Lily: Mommy they shouldn't call it a FINish should be a WINish line.

Lily: I am never going to stop cuddling you because you are my special Mommy.