Monday, March 21, 2011

Martin and the Girls Get Crafty

On Saturday while I went to my Girls Night In group, I left Martin in charge of a homework project for Kendra. Her assignment was to build a wind chime and make observations about it. Before I left I set out a bunch of possible supplies- including plastic lids, string, beads, tin cans and wood craft sticks.

As I showed Martin the supplies before I left he said, "I'm going to need your glue gun." I had no idea what I was going to come home to.

My initial idea was to hang the tin can on something then hang a bunch of sticks and beads that could hit the can as the wind blew. He claims he "isn't creative like me" but look what he came up with! A little less noisy than what I originally thought of, but way more cool looking. He had to do a lot of the work (especially with the glue gun) but he also made sure the girls were making choices about what they wanted and what they thought would work.
As Martin finished the building part, I had the girls guess (or hypothesize) about what would happen with the wind chimes. Then we hung them up and recorded their observations. Finally we came up with a conclusion by comparing their guess and observations. At one point I told them that we might call this process "science." They had to take that one in a little.

They were both very proud of their work and now we get to watch them outide on our porch. I just love it when we can make learning so fun- they  don't even remember that it is supposed to be "boring old homework."