Wednesday, March 16, 2011

If you are a mom, you know.

I can't go to the bathroom alone. No really. If I am on my way to the bathroom at least one other person or animal immediately needs something/accompanies me/waits for me outside the door while shoving their fingers or paw under it. Can't a girl have a second to herself? (If you really don't know, the answer is no.)

This morning when I needed to "go" I asked Lily to get her shoes and coat on, shoved Floyd out of the sink, then closed the bathroom door as quickly as I could. I was just, uh, minding my own business when I heard a weirdly quiet squeaky type sound. At the time I just wondered what the heck Lily was up to (obviously not putting her shoes on) but then ignored it.

Finally I opened the door and there was Lily, standing literally nose to the door, holding my hair clip (and of course Floyd sitting next to her). She opened *squeak* and closed it *squeak* (ah, light bulb!) and said, "I brought you your hair clip Mommy!"

Irritated, I snapped at her, "Lily, why were you standing right outside the door the whole time like that? Why aren't your shoes on?"

Lily, "I was practicing patience Mommy."

Dang it. How can I be irritated at such a good answer? She humbles me and amazes me with her power of perspective.


Coming tomorrow- St Patrick's Day pancakes and we get a little bit crafty! See you then : )