Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quotable Lily

Lily: When I cough or burp my ears are farting! (residual from the ear infection?)

Lily: Kendra and I have matching stuffed animals! Now we're like sisters!
Mommy: You are like sisters!
Lily: Yeah but that's not the way you planned it, huh mom?

(During kinda scary part on the movie we are watching)
Lily: I'm just gonna go pet Fiona for a long time... until this part is over!

(Earlier, Martin told Lily she needed to sleep to "recharge her batteries")
Lily: Mommy, Martin says I have batteries! Silly Martin, I don't have batteries!


I have work to do but seriously lack any motivation to do it. So tired...must rest...and read failbook...hehe.

Jan '09- Whatever happened to that cute sweater of hers? No idea. Love this picture though.