Thursday, January 13, 2011

Museum of Flight

Last weekend we took the girl's to the Museum of Flight. We had fun- I liked looking at the old WWI and WWII planes- also seeing one of the retired Air Force One planes was very cool. Martin had lots of fun with EVERYTHING I think- he was by far the most um...interested ; ). We all liked the control tower section where you get to look out over Boeing field and hear the real tower giving instructions. The girls did lots of running around when they could- and enjoyed some of the more interactive exhibits. I think we'll have to take them again in a couple years when they know how to read and can absorb more of the information along with the planes and stuff to see.

 I hadn't been there since I was probably 11 or 12 maybe??? Kind of weird the things you don't really do in your own city just because you live there. It is like the Seattle Underground Tour we did a couple months ago. I learned so much about the city I never knew- and I grew up here! It also reminds me I want to go and listen to some more Utah Phillips. He was a folk singer/storyteller who collected all kinds of early days stories- many of them originating in the Northwest. His stories are about the people and the working class rather than the big names you get in the history books. Very interesting- plus he's very funny. I was so sad to hear he passed away a few years ago. 
Floyd and Miss Fiona are home today together- for the first time we didn't separate them while we are gone for the day. I am a little nervous to come home to tufts of fur all over the apartment from a cat fight though. We leave them out together at night and haven't had an issue but Fiona has hissed and taken a few swipes at Floyd when he got too close. I think he just doesn't know how to read her "I'm grumpy" warning signs. Which, as I told Martin, "What guy does?"  I think in time they will get along just fine...I just hope they avoid each other for today.

PS Thanks Mom for responding to my plea for card ideas! I've got the design going already. Anyone else want a card? Just let me know...