Friday, January 21, 2011

Bath Time

I always sit in the bathroom while Lily is taking a bath. Every once in a while I may run out really quick to grab my phone or a towel or something but never for more than a second or two. And recently I have been cleaning other parts of the bathroom while she is in there (you know, the whole two birds with one stone thing). Last night all of her bedding had been washed (don't ask) so while she was in the bath instead of sitting with her, I decided to put her all her bedding back together in her room. Now that I am writing it, it really sounds like no big deal but it kinda was. She did a great job- I just came back in when it was time to wash her hair and to help her get out of the tub.

Today I went online to see if there were any kind of guidelines for having kids bathe on their own...and apparently all kinds of kids her age shower (alone!) and even shampoo their own hair. Not all of them for sure- but Lily wouldn't even know what to do in a shower all by herself.

Have I been too much of a helicopter parent and I didn't even know it??? I've been sitting with her and helping her in the bath tub for so long it never even occured to me that it might be ok to leave her alone in there already- and to let her do it. She just seems so tiny to me still- like when I picture her trying to wash her hair in the shower it seems silly 'cause she's just my little baby...but I guess she's really not.

Any thoughts on helping her transition from Mommy washing her in the bath to taking showers on her own??? I think I am still in shock.

On the other hand. The bath thing still works for us. Maybe I should just wait until it doesn't work for her anymore.