Thursday, April 16, 2009

How very strange...

Lily and I had this conversation last night- though I can't remember exactly how we got to the funny part (this is the gist of it). We were talking about her day at school. There is one boy she doesn't like and always talks about how mean he is- I kind of hinted that it was really his behavior she didn't like.

Mommy: Sometimes he doesn't have very good behavior, huh?

Lily: Yeah. I have good behavior. Miss Jamine (one of her teachers) doesn't like crying.

Mommy: That's right. If you want to be in the big girl class you can't throw fits.

(Wait for it...)

Lily: Yeah. I don't have a heart. I have a brain.


Mommy: Yes you have a heart- that's where you feel happy and sad.

Lily: No. See, I don't have a heartbeat.

(Okay, so it was a little creepy...)

After that she felt my heart beat and we went to sleep. I have no idea where the no heart only brain talk came from. But it makes for some interesting conversation I guess.

We had to get a new DVD player because ours went kaput and I can only handle so much actual television (increasingly annoying and inappropriate shows plus commercials encouraging rampant materialism really aren't my idea of a good time.) But I just got a cheap one from Best Buy- nothing fancy. Last night as I was setting it up I SWEAR!!!! I was hitting the eject button so could put a disc in but nothing happened. Lily crawls over to me (we're sitting on the floor) hits the button and it opens right up.

OMG. My three year old has a better grip on technology than I do.