Friday, April 17, 2009


It's all in the perspective I think. Last night we stumbled upon the topic of our names- our last names in particular. We spelled our first names and talked about all the letters in our names.

Mommy: What's your last name, Lily?

Lily: Lily McAdams. And Daddy is Derrick McAdams.

Mommy: That's right! You guys have the same name.

Lily: We match. But you don't have the same Mommy.

Mommy: You're right. I'm Sarah.

Lily scrunches up her face, leans in close then gives a little puff of breath on my forehead.

Lily: There. Now you have my McAdams. Now I'm just Lily.

I realized as I was typing that I didn't really want to post our real last names, so I changed them a bit- it kind of throws off the story but if you know us (or not I guess) you get the idea.