Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Lily turned three and a half on Saturday. I told her that we would get ice cream this weekend as a treat- she was really excited about it. The very first thing out of her mouth Saturday morning was "I wanna go get ice cream!" I looked at the clock- it was 7:45. I told her that we definitely would be getting ice cream that day but it would have to wait until after lunch. She immediately starts whining and crying and I'm thinking dear god, we aren't even out of bed yet and the fits have started. So I got up, closed the door, and went to the kitchen to work on some cards I have been making. Luckily she calmed down pretty quickly and her quick fit wasn't representative of our whole weekend.

Later we went to the library for new books and movies- then to McDonalds for ice cream. She asked for a chocolate cone and the guy handed her one of those mini cones (35 cents!) but it was vanilla. She was upset and I asked if she could please have chocolate. He said they didn't have chocolate- that they never had chocolate…I am like WTF??? Didn't we always used to have those half chocolate half vanilla cones? When did that stop? How long has it been really? 'Cause the guy looked at me like I asked for something outrageous like cheeseburger flavored ice cream- seriously. Anyway, she got over that pretty quickly because I gave her some of the chocolate from my sundae. All together our little treat cost $1.47. I love it- and she was happy too : )

We also went to the park and played outside. It is so nice to see her out and walking-running- easily. It wasn't exactly warm on Saturday afternoon but warm enough to play for awhile. We ran around all over and went swinging and digging in the sand. We rode her bike over there so we had a nice walk to and from as well. It felt good getting a bit of exercise.

Sunday we had no plans at all and we stayed home all day- not to say we weren't busy though. I had lots of cleaning to do and some projects to finish up. Lily played ball a lot and with her seals (she checked out a puppet seal from the Library). The best part was making the cake. I knew I wanted to bake something and Lily asked for a cake. So I made a homemade chocolate cake with home made chocolate cream cheese frosting. Though it turned out so rich I am sure most of it will end up going to waste- but we had lots of fun mixing and measuring. I think Lily really likes it too and she is showing a lot of interest lately in what I do in the kitchen. I hope she remembers the two of us doing this stuff together. If not- that's why I take like a million pictures.

So even though we didn't have a lot to do this weekend and it was just the two of us- we did do some fun stuff and I feel rested- ready for the long week ahead. We've got quite a lot of stuff going on this week and now I'm just counting down until my couple of days off next week…yipee!