Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Truth is....

  • When Lily is gone for the weekend and the apartment is quiet and dark it's kinda scary and I have a hard time getting to sleep

  • When Lily is gone, shopping feels like therapy. Which is weird because I don't usually like shopping much-mostly it feels like a chore.

  • I get a little lonely without her even though I look forward to a little time to myself

  • I put off all my chores as long as possible. I barely cook or eat and the house is a disaster. Motivation is seriously lacking- until mid morning on Sunday when I gotta really bust it to get all the cleaning done.

  • The truth is I like having her around even though lately her nick name is Miss Attitude. : )

By the way Monday is hopefully the big day. It has been five weeks since she fractured her leg and we should be getting the cast off. OMG that thing stinks. Yikes. First thing on the list as soon as we get back from the Doctor appointment? BATH!!!!! A good long soaking for that child- though how her hair still looks so good after five weeks with out a really good wash is completely beyond me.

I know she is going to be really nervous having them cut the cast off so I haven't said anything to her about it yet- last time she freaked out- it was probably one of the hardest things I have had to do. I just kept trying to talk her through it- but it was scary even for me! The doctor coming at you with basically a hand held circular saw- might as well have been a chain saw though with how noisy it was. It will be over quickly though and then…oh, I just remembered that I better bring a shoe for her! We have to start keeping track of two shoes again! Yipee!

Here are some pictures of Lily helping me with my Knitting