Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The wait is over...mostly

Lily got her cast off yesterday- I took some pictures but I didn't get them on my flash drive to post them today- tomorrow I promise. Everything went well but here's the part I didn't think of... she won't walk on it at all and the Doctor said it could take two weeks before she's not limping. So it's more like back to square one for a few days where she can't get around at all by herself. They said she is doing fine at school though. I called and checked of course.

Other than that she had a terrible morning not wanting to get out of bed and I feel bad because I was not exactly the picture of "Motherhood" I was sooooo mad at her- She didn't want to get up and I tried being the nice Mommy doing little tickles and finding her feet but after fifteen minutes I was starting to lose my patience. But I didn't do it right and ended up frustrated and she ended up frustrated- I had to take her to school with no pants on because once I would get them on she'd just take them off again. She actually yelled "You are ruining my life!" I can't believe the anger that comes out of her. Really all I wanted her to do was calm down and get dressed but she was having none of it. I called her teacher to apologize later for bringing her in that state. It is so embarassing- other kids have trouble sometimes too but Lily is by far the worst out of everyone...what is going on with that child? And then I feel terrible afterwards too.

And then I have a hard time focusing on work like right now (or all day today)...grr. I guess I jsut needed to vent! I better go.