Friday, January 30, 2009


We just got back from Children's Hospital where Lily got her new cast on- she chose purple! It only goes up to her knee and she should be able to walk with it once she has a little confidence. They even gave her a little beanie baby puppy for being a brave girl. She was a bit cranky at them for poking and prodding her but overall did a really good job. We are going back to our apartment tonight (yeah, my own bed!) and at least for me not having to think about a wheelchair takes a lot of stress on me. It seems much more manageable. Though, my stress level going into Children's was through the roof so I'm still coming down from that a bit I think. Maddie did a great job coming along and helping out- carrying stuff and being entertaining. Lily liked the fish tanks and the toys they had were pretty cool- though we didn't get to watch the TV like we did at the emergency room so she was a little disappointed. Anyway- I better go. I will get a few more pictures up later this weekend. We are going to take it really easy and hopefully be ready to go back to school bright and early Monday morning, though I think we will probably take the "Mommy Schoolbus" instead of walking. Just to be on the safe side.