Saturday, January 24, 2009

What we've been up to...

Lily washing her fawn and her elephants in the bathroom sink. You should've seen the water mess on the counter and floor- not to mention the soap and the wet towels she tried to clean up with- but she had fun and was occupied for awhile. She was singing to herself and making the animals talk to each other.

Here's Lily the Muscle Woman lifting her weights and getting strong. Elmo was excercising on TV and she said she wanted to exercise too- so she got her little one pound weights and lifted them up over her head.
Later, we went to the park to swing and run around. She couldn't do too much running though because she still has a little cough but we had fun. We ate lunch at the picnic table but it was a bit chilly so we didn't sit too long. Lily said, "Its summer now mommy." If only....if only.