Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yucky Medicine...emerging logic???

Last night Lily had the most terrible cough- just dry and nothing coming up but everytime she tried to lay down she couldn't stop coughing. She hasn't had much of a cold or anything- just the perpetual Daycare slight runny nose. But I knew we weren't going to get any sleep- either of us- if we didn't get some cough medicine in her. I told her that it would taste really yucky but that she could have water right afterwards and that it would make her cough go away. She said ok. So I give her the medicine and she takes most of it then gulps some water. When I tell her she needs to finish it she says she doesn't want to because it tastes bad. I explained again that if she didn't finish she would keep on coughing. So I gave her the choice...and she chose to take the medicine though she said afterward that she would never take that medicine again. It was just a proud mommy moment for me because she really thought about what taking the medicine would mean and made a good choice. Maybe it sounds really simple but I was happy. Then she laid on my chest while I sat up so she didn't cough so much and we sang some songs. Normally she doesn't want me to sing to her anymore like I used to so I was happy to do that. Good job Lily!