Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wednesday What's Up (Late, as usual)

This week we are looking forward to a three day weekend- all of us together! We honestly don't have any major plans in the works but I am thinking about a craft project or two the girls and I could come up with to give as Christmas presents. I'm going to have to be a bit creative (financially and well, creatively too) for Christmas this year. I'd like the girls to get in the habit of creating gifts as well. So...hoping we'll be able to come up with something affordable and fun.

I am finally getting into seeing a Rehabilitation Specialist this Friday for my neck and shoulder which have been causing me a lot of pain lately. After 12 sessions of physical therapy this summer I was feeling much better- and stronger- but, long story short, my doctor told me I wasn't strong enough to be exercising the way I was and advised me to stop and only do stretches. That was the biggest mistake ever! Since then I have been in more pain than I was before and pain that I thought was gone has come back. I hate being in pain and feeling so lazy. Here's hoping this rehab specialist knows what she's doing (more so than my doctor!)

My camera is gathering a lot of dust lately. I haven't taken hardly any pictures for weeks- except the few at Halloween. I wish I had more to show what we've been up to but it really just hasn't been that exciting. Work, school and chillin' on the weekends pretty much sums it up.

Couple of things I am thinking about this week....

       >I really do need to take those pictures of my scrapbook pages. I'm a slacker.
       >Deven's 1st birthday is next week. I can't even believe it.
       >Warm 106.9 isn't playing Christmas music yet. Why the heck not?
       >What am I going to do for our Christmas Cards this year...needs to be pretty close to "free"- any ideas?
       > When did I become an old lady?  I practically had to close my eyes during the, uh, more "risque" scenes in the Rocky Horror stage production last weekend.
I'll try to bust out my camera at least once this weekend to prove we're all still here.