Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our (almost) 4 day weekend

I had to work for part of the day on Friday but it still felt like a 4 day weekend. We of course were able to squeeze in all kinds of fun pretty much every day.

Thanksgiving- The morning started off kind of rough- I had a *slight* pumpkin pie disaster- but it ended up just fine. We had a long but fun day seeing everybody, having some really great food and being thankful for all we've got.

 That night both girls built a tent fort and decided they wanted to sleep in it. I couldn't see any reason why not..

Friday- After I got off work we went for a walk on the trails at Scriber Lake in Lynnwood. It was pretty muddy and quite chilly but it felt good to get some fresh air during a break from the rain we've been having.

Saturday- We went on a very long trip to Shelton to see Martin's mom at her new Assisted Living place (more on that visit later). We decided to finish the rest of the loop and drive up to Bremerton to take the Ferry back to Seattle. It was well worth avoiding the I-5 corridor on the way back.
Sunday- We spent the day decorating for Christmas and getting our living room ready for our Christmas tree which we'll get next weekend. We didn't get the outside lights up yet but it was pretty rainy out again today..hopefully sometime this week or next weekend. 
Both girls did so well together all weekend. Every night they slept either in that fort or together in Lily's bed. I just love it when they get along! I'm so thankful for my amazing and wonderful children!