Monday, August 1, 2011

Say hello to my little friend.

Well, it really isn't so little and I'd call it a love-hate relationship rather than a friendship..but well here goes:

I bought an elliptical. Now I can exercise at home instead of going to the gym after work. So far I like it, well as much one can LIKE exercising and getting all sweaty and yucky. It is really quiet so it shouldn't bother the neighbors. It's also a "space-saver" so the foot bars fold up and the wheel folds in and it doesn't take up as much space. Still, it is a monstrosity in our living room that isn't exactly pretty to look at. I hope this helps me stay on track with all of the work I put into physical therapy after the car accident.

Another bonus feature? Martin wants to use it too. Maybe we can motivate each other???? We thought his head would hit the ceiling because he is so tall- but lucky for him (ha!) he can stand on it just fine. We'll be workout buddies LOL.

So this is my/our latest adventure. I spent more than I initially wanted to but in the long run it will be good for all of us. I just keep reminding myself that it is for my health and in the end a small price to pay to stay healthy and active.

Next up?? The foods we eat! I am going to work on creating a healthier dinner menu that is still affordable. Wish me luck because the prices on groceries make me want to throw a tantrum right there in the middle of the store.