Friday, August 5, 2011

Not again!

Last night Lily's other bottom front tooth was so loose I was worried she would swallow or choke on it in her sleep. .(Is that wierd?) I also told her that if she lost it in the middle of the night there wouldn't be enough time for the tooth fairy to find out so she'd have to put it under her pillow the next night. Anyway. This morning it was literally dangling by a thread in her mouth. I somehow (no idea how) convinced her to give it a little tug. She was terrified but it just popped out- no pain, no blood. She started laughing. Right on kid! Now she can say she pulled out her own tooth. HARDCORE! Hahahaha. Two down, how many more to go????


Lily: Mom, which leg did I break? Was it this one named Bert?

What kid names her legs? Oh, and her knee is named Ed.


(After I gave Lily a penny to throw in a wishing pond at a farm/fruit stand)

Lily: I am already getting my wish.

Mommy: What did you wish for?

Lily: To get away from that poop smell!


Lily told me her dream was to be Hannah Montana (ack!). I told her she could be what she wanted to be but it might not be easy- and being someone like Hannah Montana would be a lot of hard work. I also made the point that Hannah Montana was just a character in a show.

Lily: I know, I know, Mom! She's just an actor!

Well, apparently I've sufficiently driven that point home.