Friday, June 17, 2011

My Lily Flower

Remember this picture? It was taken on my birthday in 2006. Lily cut her first tooth that day- bottom front left. I tried taking a picture but it turned out unrecognizably blurry. It was an exciting day I remember because she was one of the last babies in our group of friends to cut a tooth. And she was just so darn cute!


Lily has been complaining off and on about her front bottom teeth hurting for a couple weeks now. The dentist said it was fine and didn’t see any reason why it should be hurting. I figured she might be feeling a bit of the pain from a cavity that is on one of her back teeth- which is getting filled next month.

Wednesday night, the day after my birthday, we were snuggling in bed and she said, “Mommy! Look my tooth is loose!” She pulled down her lip and wiggled her bottom left tooth with her with her pointer finger. This time it really did move- and not just a little.

My first reaction was to gag and throw up a little in my mouth because I have a phobia of teeth falling out. But then I realized it is very nearly five years to the day that her very first tooth came in and it seemed kind of fitting and a little exciting.
It won't be long until the tooth fairy visits, we'll be counting missing teeth instead of new ones and taking super cute "missing tooth" pictures.