Sunday, June 26, 2011

Adventures in Tent Camping

The girls-packed in tight and ready to go.
I would consider my first camping trip acting as the parent/grown up- and Lily's first camping trip um ever...a complete success. Reason being 1)We didn't forget to bring anything major like the tent or can opener and 2)We all made it home in one piece. What more could we ask for? What would camping be with out a few minor hiccups along the way though?
We are officially blue tarp campers.
Don't mind the wonky tarp/rope set up though, k?
When we arrived on Friday the weather was a bit iffy- mostly cloudy and more than a bit chilly, at least to me. We'd barely had time to get the tent set up when the rain started quite suddenly. At first we decided to see how the tent would hold up to the weather but it became obvious within seconds that we were going to need to bust out the blue tarp. Luckily we got the tarp up quickly and the rain stopped fairly soon after that.

The campground we went to in the Mt Baker Snoqualmie National Forest was great. It had river access, was relatively quiet and also sheltered a bit from the weather. The sites were spaced nicely and we didn't have (or cause?) too much trouble from anyone else there. There was a lot to explore there so we think that we could easily go back and not be bored.

Martin pans for gold while the girls find magical golden rocks.
Of course the weather didn't really fully clear up until we woke up this morning - which is completely inevitable, no? I hope a little later in the summer when we go again we'll have a bit warmer weather.
So overall I am proud of all of us for getting along, mostly, and having fun and trying new things with the  minimum of negativity.


Lily: Look at my stick!

Mommy: Be careful with it- if you poke someone in the eye do you know what that means?

Lily: What?

Mommy: Hospital. It's dangerous.

Lily: Why is the hospital dangerous?

Mommy: ....

Holy Heck, were we arguing about semantics? What have I created?