Monday, June 27, 2011

Lily's Thoughts on Blogging

Last night I pulled up this blog on my computer to start working on the camping post. Lily was sitting with me and got very excited when the home page came up. She yelled, "Hey! That is the same as what Gramma Deb has!" I realized that she really has no concept- that they are in fact the same page and that it is all made possible by the Internet. It really got me thinking. Actually this is a topic I have been kind of mulling over for awhile but Lily's interjection made it seem all the more relevant. With some prompting, here is what Lily had to say when I asked her what she thought of My Lily Flower the blog:
Crazy! It's weird because it is driving me crazy. It goes message to message to people. To everybody in our family. (Laughing hysterically) Do you I think I could eat a whole birthday cake with the candles burning? Why do people like to look at my Lily blog? Because of the lily flowers and because they like me.

I'd like to get her thoughts about it a little more seriously some time because what she thinks about it matters. I know that since her conceptualizing the whole "Internet" thing is still a ways off I have some time before she is absolutely mortified that I would share this stuff about our family on the ENTIRE world wide web. Until then though I'll try to make the best judgement calls I can. And hopefully get some more interesting answers out of her when she isn't literally bouncing off the walls like she was last night.