Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I wandered around the hospital. Everywhere I went people were coming and going in every direction. Room after room I searched echoed with children and noise. A thousand nurses passed me by, all with similar faces and not one of them I could recognize.

I tried to get the attention of someone- anyone, "Have you seen my daughter?" But over the din of the crowded, fast paced hospital no one seemed to hear or notice me.

Finally, I caught a nurse's eye. I saw in her face that she immediately recognized my bewildered, overwhelmed look and would take pity on me.

"I'm looking for my daughter Lily- but she isn't in the infant room. I am sure that's where she was when I was last here. She had her own bed."

"How old is she?" The nurse asked as she led me down the long hallway, a maze of doors and people.

"She's just a baby. Well, she's one." Suddenly, I knew that wasn't right either. "Actually, I think she is four...no, five."

Finally we stopped and she opened the last door at the end of the hall. The door swung open in front of me but instead of a hospital bed, I saw a classroom. It was a classroom with desks and children and Lily sitting quietly in the front row.

I ran inside and scooped her up, overwhelmingly happy to have found my girl, though I couldn't imagine how we had gotten from there to here in only the blink of an eye.


Both girls came home with notes from their teachers yesterday. Miss Kendra did an awesome job listening and following directions. Miss Lily did a great job waiting her turn in line. Simple notes, simple messages but they mean a lot. We have two really great girls. : )