Thursday, April 21, 2011

Looking back

April 21st, 2006
 I remember taking these pictures very clearly- even though it was 5 (yes 5!) years ago. It was so warm and sunny and we both sat outside enjoying the sun. That winter had been really tough. I think it was 30 or so straight days of rain. When the sun finally came out we just soaked it up! She wasn't quite crawling yet but she was starting to try. The hat I put on her head had gotten too small so she kept pulling it off. She needed a hat with that fuzzy head of hers though. I loved the outfit she was wearing- an all pink jacket and pants with the Mariner's logo on them. So cute! She has changed so much but I still recognize her in the button nose and cute little mouth. Her cheeks are less chubby now but the eyes for sure make it my Lily.

Missing my baby girl a little this week but I know she's having all kinds of adventures with Gramma Deb and having lots of fun getting spoiled.