Thursday, December 16, 2010

What we are reading...

Right now Lily and I are reading Nutcracker. I think next year I want to take her to the Pacific Northwest Ballet's Nutcracker- and this story is the perfect introduction. Their sets in the ballet are also done by Maurice Sendak so it will be kind of familiar to her. I love the story and am actually a little surprised how much Lily is into it as well. She keeps asking me to read it whenever we have a spare moment- at breakfast, during the commercials while we watch Survivor, at bed time...etc.
I just started The Museum of Innocence after kind of randomly picking it at the library. So far the characters are interesting and I can't wait to get further into the story. Though I feel like I will need some good uninterrupted reading time to get through it. The story interested me because it is the story of a "collection" and their relationship to a memory. This concept is something I think about a lot and struggle with to some extent when it comes to letting physical objects go that represent a moment in time. Also a trait I see very much in Lily. This story seems to be the extreme end of that scenario- where the main character shuts himself off from basically his whole life to focus on the memories. Should be interesting. I will let you know! 

What are you reading???