Friday, December 10, 2010

Chronicle Books Happy Haul-idays Contest

I heard about this contest from Scientific Nature of the Whammy- and how can I resist the possibility of free books...ones that I like too!!! Go here: Chronicle Books to check out their Happy Haul-idays contest. If you are blogger- you can make a list on your blog and enter to win too! What an awesome idea!
I've seen these books and have some kind of morbid curiosity about them...I've got to at least see why these are so popular:

Wow! This one looks interesting...something I have been thinking about lately...basically the "experience" of the modern American woman.

I'm always up for a good murder mystery

I read this author's blog and have long thought about how I could make money making cards...maybe this book could help?

Dang it- I thought this was my idea...too late I guess!
This one just looks like fun...what a creative idea! Love it!

How cute are these kid's books?

And a couple more for me : )

Click on the link at the top of the page to read the contest details and enter to win. Post your own list on your blog and/or comment on other blogger's lists to get a chance at winning the books on their wish list! Leave a comment here to have a chance at winning the books I have selected. Go Literacy!
(Oh wait, was that kind of dorky??)