Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Silver Lake Hike

Saturday Martin and I got up super early and drove out past Granite Falls to go on a day hike. We biked into Monte Cristo- an old ghost town tucked away in the mountains- about 4 miles off the main road. From Monte Cristo we hiked pretty much straight up for a couple miles to get to Silver Lake- a crystal clear lake fed by melting snow caps. The hike was full of switchbacks and loose rock that made it extremely challenging for the both of us...but even though it was really hard we both agreed it was worth it- the beauty and peacefullness of being out in nature for the day. The whole trip took pretty much the whole day and we were sore and tired when we finally got home- just before 9 o'clock. We had a quick dip in the hot tub- then promptly came home and fell asleep. Here are some favorite pictures from our awesome day together.

Not sure how old this sign really is..but cool anyway

The railroad turntable still turns-though it's pretty squeaky

Success! We made it!

Could you ask for anything more beautiful??? What a reward!
We can't wait to go up again and explore more of Monte Cristo- apparently there was a whole section we totally missed!! Yay for adventure!