Thursday, August 26, 2010

My very own Bad Mom confession...though a bit less anonymous

Check out this great blog I stumbled across... 1000reasonsimabadmom

Which inspired this post...

Every morning Lily and I pick out her clothes together. We check outside the window to see what the day looks like and decide from there- not that everything she wears is weather appropriate (remember the rain boots and winter coat in 80 degree weather?) but we try to get it in the ballpark with some gentle steering on my part.

This morning we checked out the window and saw a beautiful sunny morning barely a cloud in the sky. Lily picked capri pants and a tank top. Perfectly reasonable I thought, especially for an August morning. As we were walking out the door I briefly considered grabbing her a coat but decided against spending the extra time to hunt one down (I'm pretty sure since I haven't done any laundry lately she doesn't have a clean one anyway).

While were were driving to her school the weather lady on the radio says something to the effect of "bye bye sunshine!" Me: ????? Slowly we crest over a hill and I look due south toward the city...a very ominous very dark cloud lingers there...apparently Lily's little bedroom window only gave a partial view of the weather to come and by the time we hit her school it feels like a very gray late fall kind of morning. Lily huddles in the back seat shivering. Well, too late to turn around...

I drop her at school anyway and head off to work as it starts to rain.

I'm sure someone will lend her a coat...right?