Monday, July 26, 2010

This and That..

Last week we were sitting at the dinner table. As I was pouring my soda into my glass Lily looked at me and said totally straight-faced, "Mommy are you having (airquote) Fizzy Juice (airquote)?"

Um. Did you just use airquotes?????

We all died laughing.

Then at bed time she said, "Mommy I don't even know (airquote) when you were born (airquote)."

Um. What is that supposed to mean?

Crazy Kid. Now its a common joke at our house. Though I'm not sure she (airquote) UNDERSTANDS (airquote) why it is so funny.


Last last weekend the boys had a fishing day and Lily and I had a girl's day. I got... um... 1 scrapbooking page done (wahoo Feb 2006!) then we painted these little cute princess and frog bobble head ceramic things. Lily has greatly improved her fine motor skills since we last attempted that kind of painting. She was concentrating so hard...but then got a little frustrated that it wasn't perfect (my kid??? the perfectionist? NEVER!) Hahahaha.


Lily is signed up for the Library's summer reading program again this year and we are about halfway- though we didn't make it to the library to get the "halfway" prize yet. We just finished Charlotte's Web- which she loved and are starting Stuart Little- with many shorter books in between. But- I am struggling to come up with many more options for longer books she'd be interested in that come in an at least semi "illustrated" format. Anyone have any childhood favorites they can think of??? I was thinking Little House on the Prairie next but then what? Has to be very kid friendly content- Like, Chronicles of Narnia are a bit much at this point but maybe in the next year or two. I love reading books with more substance to them- it is so much more entertaining...and she is always dissappointed to stop for the night...but super excited to continue the story the next day. It is for sure going to be a challenge keeping her challenged for the next year before she starts Kindergarten.


We've got so much planned for the rest of the summer...can't wait to share it with all of you!