Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Biringer Farm

we decided to go to the Biringer Farm U-Pick Strawberry and Raspberry Patch. It sounded fun but I was a little worried Lily would have fun for like ten minutes then be ready to go...and since we were going to drive all the way past Arlington I wanted to make sure we had more "fun time" than that. Well- we were lucky the weather held out- it was warm and sunny- and we actually did have way more than ten minutes of fun.

We rode the tractor- which Lily wasn't sure about at first- but we were able to convince her and she was fine. The Tractor driver told all the kids that if they didn't have mouths full of berries they wouldn't get to get back on the tractor on the way back...FUN!!!! We ate and picked tons of Raspberries and Strawberries and had lots of fun. I just love doing things like this- making memories, having fun, being a little adventurous- doing things I might not do by myself.

We stopped at a little produce stand/nursery after the berry picking. If you put a little food in the tin can on this pulley system- the goat up on top pulls the rope to get the can of food. Pretty cute.