Thursday, July 29, 2010

L O V E love

Last night Lily was painting at the kitchen table as I got dinner ready. She got out her whole little art set and was perfectly happy painting away. When dinner was ready I told her it was time to clean up so we could set the table.

Lily: Mommy I'm done with my painting- it is for you!
Mommy: Ok. Find a place for it to dry- maybe you could hang it on the fridge?
Lily: It is already dry.
Mommy: Great- lets clean up the other stuff then too, ok?

I helped her put her paint set away, she poured her water in the sink and rinsed her brush. As soon as the table was clear I went about my way setting the table getting ready to eat not even thinking about what she had done with the painting.

Later- after she had gone to bed I went into our bedroom and this is what I saw:
She had left it on my nightstand- right on top of the books I'm reading- next to the Frog we painted together on our girl's day and my special box with her "diamonds" in it. A place for special things- she knew it belonged there. And she was right.