Monday, March 8, 2010


OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went to the ocean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the ocean. It was... AWESOME (can you hear me singing the awesome part???)

Lily stayed with Gramma Deb and Grampa Bruce overnight for the first time (and did so great they want to have her again soon!) Yes- I need all the willing babysitters I can get!

Martin and I went to... well where didn't we go???

South Bend, Astoria, Seaside (driving through), Cannon Beach, Long Beach....a great weekend- beautiful weather on Saturday- amazing company- I couldn't ask for more.

Haystack Rock
It felt like a summer day...there were as many people as a summer day too.

I love those tiny little birds on the beach- so cute.

Anyway- for some reason we didn't take very many pictures but really it was a great weekend all around. I am pretty tired but would definitely go again-even for just the weekend- anytime. Really. Take me to the ocean again.