Monday, March 22, 2010

Dash Point State Park

We took the girls down to Dash Point beach this last Saturday. As luck would have it our timing was perfect- the tide was nearly all the way out and the weather was sunny and warm- there were a lot of people but still room to spread out the picnic blanket to have a snack.

Of course the girls being themselves immediately started fighting over who would get the bucket and or shovel so they lost thier only two beach toys right off the bat. Then Lily decided she didn't want to play on the beach at all.  She sat and played in the dry sand on the picnic blanket with me while Martin and Kendra explored the beach. I tried to convince her she'd love it and have fun but with no luck.

Eventually Martin and Kendra headed back our way and Martin and I switched spots- with Kendra more than happy to explore the beach with me this time. She was soaked and covered in sand- her hair was wild but she was having a blast.

Not too long later Lily came running up with Martin not far behind. I'm still not sure how he convinced her but he did and she had fun- squishing toes in the sand, splashing in the water, finding shells and sand dollars...

Now that I think of it though...I have so many memories of going to the beach as a kid- I loved it- as far as I can remember. Lily is getting to the age where she is going to remember some of this stuff we are doing- some of the fun we're having. I have a couple of memories of my late preschool years...Maybe this day will be her first real beach memory that she keeps with her always. Could be...


Happy Half Birthday Lily! You are four and a half (and one day- oops!) Still seems like yesterday when you were so tiny in my arms. Keep growing girl!


This last weekend I felt a little off my game- maybe even a little cranky- but I am taking some PTO this Thursday and Friday which I am hoping lets me get a little caught up in the relaxation's hoping! Lily is going to visit Gramma Deb again while Martin and I have a wedding we'll be attending.

Crazy Cuddle time with the Girls : )