Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Losing It.

I admit it. I totally lost it this morning with Lily.She was out of control angry and I yelled at her- really loud. I took away every privilege I could think of- TV, treats, stuffed animals, riding her bike to school, and general "FUN." Did any of it work? Did any of it stop the crying, fit throwing, hitting, name calling and general rude (most rude kid ever I can't believe I've raised a kid who acts like this kind of rude)? Nope. Nothing. Ug. Awful.
This is what drives me crazy- she is PERFECTLY CAPABLE IN EVERY WAY- of listening and speaking and therefore pretty much getting whatever she needs (not necessarily whatever she wants). This morning she decided it was unacceptable for me to iron my pants when she wanted me to cuddle her. I told her to wait and it spiraled from there. Seriously kid???? You can't wait 30 seconds, be quiet and go sit on the couch while I finish??? So I have some pants to wear??? Apparently not.

So she lost her cuddle time for not listening, then she lost her story for throwing her breakfast because she didn't like it. She then proceeeded to yellat me, "What are you? An animal?" when I told her we were leaving before she had a chance to finish filing her nails. FILING HER NAILS????? WHO IS THIS CHILD???

Needless to say, I completely lost any amount of sanity I had left when she called me an animal- though looking back it is kind of funny now. This is when she lost everything else- including fun. Of course this set her off on an even worse fit- but there was no way I was giving in on this one. I am seriously laying down the law with this girl- though I know tonight following through with all the lost privileges is going to be another fight. Exhausting I tell you.

Does it seem like we've done all this before??? Some kind of loop we get into- and can't stop butting heads. She is going to be such a handful when she is a teenager I might end up committed. See you there. haha.