Monday, March 15, 2010

Darling Daughter

My Darling Daughter-

You are my sunshine- you are my everything. Beautiful, smart, sweet and growing so fast. I love you more than you will ever know or understand- even when I seem mean and horrible- even when I make you sleep in your bed all alone. I won't abandon you. I will always be here. It breaks my heart when I know you are sad- when you feel unloved- because you are loved- by so many people. You melt all of our hearts.

Yesterday you were in the bathroom talking to Floyd. You were so cute- I coud hear the imitation in your voice- talking to him the same way I do. "What are you looking at Floyd? Don't make me get you a treat. Are you a good boy?" I must remember you are always listening even when I think you aren't.

I'm so happy we had a girl's day yesterday- shopping with you and going out for hot chocolate made my day. It was wondeful to snuggle you in a comfy chair and sip on our hot chocolates together and talk. You were talking about Uncle Johnny and Alaska and the bears in Alaska. I can see you working it all out in your mind and I am so proud of how smart you are. Going to the library with you- also one of our favorite things-and watching you be excited about books and reading- warmed my heart. I love it when you point to a word and want to know what it says. It means you are on the right track. I swear anyday now you are going to jump in and take off reading on your own.

My sweet girl. I can't wait to pick you up from your day at school and hear all about the things you learned. I can't wait to scoop you up and twirl you around and give you the biggest bear hug. I love you, girl! See you soon!

Love Always,