Thursday, March 4, 2010


Here is some of the artwork Lily has been working on lately...
This is a "Mask" she says- she's been working it a little everynight- adding more and more color

These are all the "Sponge Bob's" she made out of Playdoh- and Mr. Krabs too.

Titled "Martin Potato"

Lily described this as "Lily, Kendra and mom in a circle holding hands at Zoo Lights. Martin was there too."

As you can see she is crafty wherever she goes- just like her momma- and is always finding interesting ways to be creative. This morning she was drawing pictures in the fog on the window wondering why it "squeaked" when she ran her finger down the glass...

Oh- last night she was surprisingly ok with her no TV consequence and played nicely all evening- even though she did need a few extra cuddles. The house was so quiet and peaceful...I think I am going to regulate the TV better from now on. Well- maybe- its a good goal to have.