Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pacific Science Center

February 6th, 2010
Bust out the sunglasses- it was a sunny beautiful day
Taking a ride on a caterpillar
Water Play
Eww...Lily, really???

So we braved the Science Center a couple weeks ago. Of course the very first section we go into is the Dinosaurs. As we walk in the door there is a huge T-Rex- animatronic of course- and Lily is scared out of her mind. I tried to warn her- since I remembered they had the dinosaurs there- but I didn't know they were going to be the very first thing she saw when she walked in the door. Well- we made it through that part- with me carrying her of course but after that she was great.

The MARS exhibit was a little too advanced for their interests and they played in the toddler area more than anything else- but all in all- I call it a successful day out. The Science Center is looking pretty worn though- when I was younger it seemed so new and exciting- but the years apparently haven't been too kind- especially to the outdoor area. It was sad to see some of the parts I remembered showing such wear and tear.

My favorite part was the butterfly exhibit- though the girls would scream and hide anytime one would come near them. Really? Screaming at a butterfly? Seriously? Martin hung out and took some pictures while I was on damage control trying to prevent the murder of innocent butterflies by the flailing arms of terrified children. Of all things to be scared of though. Butterflies?