Monday, February 1, 2010


Auntie Briana is back from Ecuador! If you didn't get a chance to read her blog about it here's a link:

Briana's Return to Ecuador

I know internet connection was spotty while she was there- so she'll be uploading a lot more photos later- well, she better. The rainforest pictures are amazing though...

She brought us some fun and beautiful presents from her trip too...

Some boxes for me and Lily- of course the picture doesn't do them justice...and we all know how much I love wooden boxes : )  On top of the big box is a black cat figurine- "Floyd" of course. Actually a ring holder but so cute!

Lily also got some really cool butterfly sunglasses and a beautiful Ecuadorian dress.
OMG. That girl is hilarious. So freaking cute- I want to eat her up in this picture. What a goofball.