Thursday, February 18, 2010

My girl.

Last night Lily was mad at me because we "only" read two stories before bed. She was whining and flipping her body around like a fish out of water in the bed. Naturally- I tired of the fit rather quickly and told her to knock it off and go to sleep. Such a sensitive child though- any hint of anger or disapproval in my voice usually sends her into a tailspin of despair- a darkness out of which there is absolutely no return- obviously. I am that terrible.

Lily: Mommy- you don't love me!
Mommy: I love you. I don't like your behavior.
Lily: Well you won't cuddle me.
Mommy: I don't cuddle with whiners.
Lily: Even after I cleaned the whole kitchen for you- you don't love me!

Oh lordy.

Now-for the record- she did help in the kitchen for about two seconds wiping up a spot on the floor. I cracked a smile, of course, at this over-dramatic statement- then gave her a hug and cuddled up- and all was forgiven. For now.